Mutual Aid / Automatic Aid

The Jollyville Fire Department also provides “Mutual Aid” and “Automatic Aid.”  Mutual Aid means that the JVFD will respond to any location requested by another emergency service agency.  For instance, if a large fire were burning in the City of Round Rock and more resources were requested, Jollyville would respond, at the request of the agency, to that incident and provide support.

Jollyville is also a member of the Williamson County County Resource Coordination (CRC) effort, which was placed into effect in 2003 by the Williamson County Fire Chiefs Association.  The CRC is activated when large-scale emergencies occur.  The CRC is ready with response plans for building fires, mass-casualty events, Hazardous Materials incidents and any large scale incident that requires more resources.  Units involved in the CRC respond all over Williamson County to provide assistance while still leaving adequate resources in the home territories to protect their own districts.

Automatic Aid involves pre-determined response districts and signed agreements between Communities and Departments.  Jollyville has Automatic Aid agreements with the Cedar Park Fire Department, the Sam Bass Fire Department and the Austin Fire Department.  These agreements mean that the departments in the agreement automatically respond to emergencies when they happen.  Whenever a structure fire is reported in any one of those districts, the other departments automatically send an apparatus to the scene unless canceled by the ‘host’ department.  This adds more equipment and personnel to structure fires that strike in these areas.