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It’s In the Air!!!!!

After months of preparation, which included doors and windows placed in the first (top) container and leveling and connecting the two bottom containers, we finally have created the main building of our training structure!  The day of the container lift, it was quite a sight to see.  Especially since the first crane that was sent was a tad less powerful than needed, resulting in some swinging of the container and lifting of the crane support leg.  A little more excitement than was expected but never a danger.  The crane operator stopped when he should and called  for reinforcements.  Thirty minutes later, little crane’s big brother drove in and saved the day.  This 100-ton beast and it’s operator made the lift look like child’s play, zipping the 40’ x 8’, 9000 pound container into the air and placing it perfectly on top in one try.  It was awesome!!

Now that the building is in its final configuration, the next phase is to manufacture and erect the stairs and access platform, install the railings and then install the front decking.  MUCH easier said than done.  As this is a “dynamic” build, things change on the fly as required so we shall see how things work out.  The dynamic model has worked perfectly so far so, why try to out-think what’s already working?  We’ll keep everyone updated as things progress…


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Check the Air in your Spare!

Three times in the last three weeks, I have stopped to help someone change a flat tire.  Twice, I actually changed the tire.  The other time, I just used the flashy lights on the truck to protect the person who was actually doing the work.  Either way, I was there to help!  The issue that caught my attention was that, every time a tire was changed, the spare was flat.  This was not immediately apparent when we were putting the tire on the car but, when the jack was lowered and the tire had to hold the car’s weight, things drastically changed.

This made me think about my truck’s spare tire……..I bought my truck in 2002 and I have never thought of checking the air in my spare.  So, I did.  And, just like the others mentioned above, I had a whopping 15 psi in the spare.

Luckily, I learned about this problem via the mistakes made by others, so I thought I’d pass this little lesson on to all of you.

Before you’re on the side of a busy highway, in the dark, in the rain, make sure that your vehicle’s spare tire is ready to roll!


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Community Leaders Wanted

Are you the person that stops to help someone change a tire?  Help someone reach something on the top shelf at HEB? Hold a door open for someone carrying packages?  Go out of your way to help someone that you’ve never met before?  If so, you are just the type of person we are looking for!

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Jollyville does not have any paid positions available at this time.

Jollyville does not have any paid positions available at this time.