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What Can Jollyville Fire Department Do For You?


Jollyville Fire is not just a “fire department.”  We are community services organization!  What does that mean?  This means that we can assist the community by offering many “non-emergency” services.  This includes home fire safety inspections, smoke detector installations, public education presentations, fire station tours, fire safety discussions, participation in community events and even bringing a fire truck to a local birthday party!  We do almost anything you can think of!

For more information about what we can do for you, call our station at (512) 258-1038 or email us at


Fire Safety Info

Battery Safety


This month, in a police and fire department insurance magazine, there was a great article on battery safety, particularly battery storage and disposal.  The article was very informative and discussed some valid safety issues concerning the ability of your basic household batteries to start a fire.   After reading it, I went home and found I was one of the worst offenders at battery storage so I thought it would be good to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Think about it…what’s the number one place most people store loose batteries?  The junk drawer!   You know…the drawer in the kitchen that you throw everything that doesn’t have a home.  This is where the problems begin.  Batteries that are improperly stored can short against any piece of metal they bump up to (coins, keys, paper clips, pen clips, other batteries, etc.) and overheat, igniting combustible items (note paper, coupons, lotto tickets, etc.) causing a fire. Once the items in the drawer start burning, it can quickly catch the cabinets, then the kitchen and then turn into a family’s worse nightmare: a house fire.

The most likely battery to cause an issue is the 9-volt.  Due to the terminals being on the same end of the battery and very close together, 9-volt batteries can easily be shorted, causing them to overheat and start a fire.  Other battery types can have issues as well when multiple batteries are stored together so treat them just like the 9-volt, safely.

Battery companies recommend that you keep batteries in the container you purchased them in until you need them, to prevent battery shorting issues.  When batteries are loose, it is recommended that you store them standing up in a non-metallic container.  9-volt batteries should be stored with a piece of electrical tape covering the terminals.

The same safety concerns arise during disposal.  All of the issues discussed above can occur when you haphazardly dispose of batteries.  With the right conditions, just tossing them in the trash can burn your house down just as quickly as improperly storing them.  Follow the same battery safety rules when storing and disposing of batteries.


Volunteer Information

Community Leaders Wanted

Are you the person that stops to help someone change a tire?  Help someone reach something on the top shelf at HEB? Hold a door open for someone carrying packages?  Go out of your way to help someone that you’ve never met before?  If so, you are just the type of person we are looking for!

We are the Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department and we’re looking for people who want to do something to help their community.  If you are an outgoing, intelligent person who is willing to make the required time commitment, and want to be a major contributor to your community, call or come by the station and we will discuss your possible future as a community servant.

The basic requirements are:

A high school diploma or GED

A valid Texas driver’s license

Valid Texas auto insurance

Ability to attend two Monday night trainings a month

Availability to stay two nights a month at the fire station

Ability to attend 30 hours a month of trainings and calls

Willing to go the extra mile for your neighbor

Now, don’t be scared of the 30 hour commitment.  This minimum requirement includes the Monday night trainings, station overnights, community events, public education events and anytime you decide you would like to visit the station. 

Call (512-258-1038), check out the website ( or just come on by the station (9218 Anderson Mill Road) and we will see if you’ve got what it takes to be a “Community Leader.”


Employment Information

Hiring Info

Jollyville does not have a hiring process scheduled at this time.

Please check back in the future.