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Back-Up Power for Required Medical Equipment

This spring has already proven that central Texas weather is only getting more interesting.  We thought the last few years of winter storms were interesting but then Mother Nature said, “Wait…there’s more” and threw a record number of tornados and hail storms at us!  And with these storms comes power disruptions…some short, and some longer than we want to deal with.

Many residents in the area may need back-up power supplies for required medical care equipment.  Some folks use battery storage units, others may use small back-up generators, both which will work fine as lone as you have a good supply of the required fuel source.  And, when using fuel powered generators, they are to be used outdoors, with proper ventilation and distanced from anything flammable.

I also found this City of Austin Utilities program posted on Facebook and thought it may be another option for those in need.  It’s called the Medically Vulnerable Registry and it is a way to identify households that have patients that require electrical equipment to sustain their health.  I’ve pasted the link below:

While I think this program is very beneficial, with what we’ve seen over the last three years, I would also recommend to be prepared to be self sufficient for an extended period of time.  This used to be a recommended minimum of two weeks but, with what we’ve already experienced, I think it would be prudent to double that, especially when it comes to required medical care equipment.

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Fire Safety Info

Outdoor Burning


Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about outdoor burning so I thought we’d put it center stage!  To put a fine point on it, outdoor burning of waste is not allowed within the JVFD district.  Why?  We are following the State of Texas rules on the subject.  Per the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ):

“Grass, leaves, and branch trimmings from residences are all considered “domestic waste.” If your local government does not collect domestic waste and does not authorize a private collector to do so, you may burn material of this type. If such waste collection is available, then it cannot be burned under the domestic-waste exception.”

On the other side of the topic, cooking fires in a controlled container (BBQ’s, smokers, etc.) and warning fires during the winter, also in controlled containers (outdoor stoves, chimineas, masonry fire pits, etc.) are legal as long as they are not emitting flames of dangerous heights or emitting large numbers of embers that could pose a threat to structures or vegetation.  We would also recommend that these items not be used on combustible surfaces or near structures or vegetation.

If you see someone burning illegally, contact our department and we will respond.  If the situation becomes a problem, the department can levy a fine.  We can also involve WCSO and/or TCEQ and the State Fire Marshall’s Office to assist in correcting the issue.

You can access the entire Outdoor Burning in Texas publication at


Volunteer Information

Community Leaders Wanted

Are you the person that stops to help someone change a tire?  Help someone reach something on the top shelf at HEB? Hold a door open for someone carrying packages?  Go out of your way to help someone that you’ve never met before?  If so, you are just the type of person we are looking for!

We are the Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department and we’re looking for people who want to do something to help their community.  If you are an outgoing, intelligent person who is willing to make the required time commitment, and want to be a major contributor to your community, call or come by the station and we will discuss your possible future as a community servant.

The basic requirements are:

Ability to attend Monday night trainings each month

Willing to go the extra mile for your neighbor

Call (512-258-1038), check out the website ( or just come on by the station (9218 Anderson Mill Road) and we will see if you’ve got what it takes to be a “Community Leader.”


Employment Information

Hiring Info


Jollyville Fire Department is currently hiring for full-time, Firefighter/EMT-B positions to cover a 48/96 shift schedule.

Jollyville is a single station department, with six-person shift staffing, operating two apparatus that cover 11 square miles and 18,500 people, averaging 1000 calls per year.  We are a community-oriented fire department, with deep roots in our neighborhoods and are very active in public education and public events.  We have a progressive training environment and strive to be the best prepared and educated firefighters possible.  JVFD believes in a culture of health and safety for our firefighters, providing annual medical evaluations that include physical, mental health and cancer assessments, as well as a modified clean cab concept for all apparatus.

Compensation begins at $20/hour or $60,460 annually. Benefits for full-time personnel include 53-hour work week, 8-year step pay increases, overtime, higher class pay, 14 paid holidays, bereavement pay, education pay, certification pay, longevity pay, hazard pay, uniform stipend, minimum annual accrual of 300 hours of paid leave, medical, dental & vision insurance, light duty policy, workers compensation insurance, accidental death and major injury policy, maternity/paternity leave, and department funded state retirement (TESRS).  Total starting compensation package, including benefits, is approximately $77,169.

Minimum qualifications that must be met at time of application submission:  TCFP Basic Firefighter, Texas DSHS EMT-B and a Texas Class C driver’s license.

Written test will be administered on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 10am.  Study material will not be distributed until a properly completed application packet has been submitted.

Testing will be conducted at the station address listed above.

Applications are available by request via email at