About Us

The Jollyville Fire Department provides fire protection and rescue services for approximately 24,000 people living in an area of 12.5 square miles. The department operates out of one station that protects a combination residential and commercial area. JVFD residents have an ISO rating of 2 and a State Farm Insurance rating of 2. The department employs five apparatus and responds to an average of 2-3 calls per day, maintaining on average a 3 minute response time. The membership has grown to include up to 10 volunteers and 18 paid firefighters. The paid firefighters staff two apparatus, 24 hours a day and are available to provide assistance with:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Rescue
  • Fire Prevention Education
  • Fire Safety Inspections

Volunteer firefighters cover two, overnight shifts per month and are available to respond to incidents via an online notification system. The emergency calls are dispatched through the county emergency 911 center, located in Georgetown. When called, on-duty paid firefighters respond from the station while volunteers respond in there own vehicles to the station or directly to the scene of the emergency.

The Jollyville Fire Department is led by Chief Brad Landi who has been with the department for 26 years and brings over 32 years of experience to the role.  Chief Landi functions as the chief executive officer and is responsible to the ESD Board of Directors for the overall management, organization and operation of the fire department.