ISO Information

The Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department has received official notification from the Texas Department of Insurance that the Insurance Service Office (ISO) recommended a change in the department‘s public fire protection classification to a Class 2, with an effective date of November 30, 2019. On a ten-point scale, with one being the best, the department‘s rating has improved by four points from a Class 6.

This program is designed to evaluate all 46,000 fire districts in the United States according to a uniform set of criteria as defined in nationally recognized standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Water Works Association. Using this system objectively reviews the fire suppression capabilities of a community and assigns a public protection classification number. Many fire insurance underwriters then employ this 10-point scale as a major component when determining the premium paid by policyholders.

Simply stated, the system is broken into three separately evaluated categories, which are totaled to reach the final score. 10% of the final grade is derived from the dispatching system (911 center), 40% from the district‘s water system and 50% from the fire department.

Nationally, Williamson County Emergency Services District No. 1 now resides within the top 0.7% of the nation‘s fire departments. The improved rating translates to an approximate 18% insurance savings for residential customers with some insurance companies.

This score was not realized overnight and not accomplished by only the Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department. Much recognition and appreciation goes to the Board of Commissioners of Williamson Co. ESD No. 1, Frank Anderson, President of the Board, Mike Pietch, P. E. Consulting Services, Inc., Anderson Mill M.U.D., Bill Lawson, Director of Water/Wastewater, Gary Spoonts, General Manager of ECO Recourses/ North Austin M.U.D. No. 1, Williamson Co. E-911 Communications under the direction of Melissa Pogue, Phil Bradley and Art Rawlings, ISO, and the Cedar Park, Sam Bass and Austin Fire Departments who, through automatic aid agreements, are all working together with the Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department to provide the highest level of fire protection to the citizens of Williamson County Emergency Services District No. 1.

Obviously, the real winners are the citizens of Williamson Co. ESD No. 1 who we are proud to serve.

ISO Notification Letter

TDI Notification Letter