Hiring Info

January 2, 2022

We are currently using an open process that will be in effect until the required open positions are filled.

Contact the station for more information.

November 11, 2021

On Saturday, December 11th, at 10am, the Jollyville Fire Department will be testing for full-time firefighter positions to cover a 24/48 hour shift schedule.

Jollyville is currently a single station department, with six-person shift staffing, operating two apparatus that cover 11 square miles and 17,000 people.  We are a community oriented fire department, with deep roots in our neighborhoods and are very active in public education and public events.  We have a progressive training environment and strive to be the best prepared and educated firefighters possible.  JVFD believes in a culture of health and safety for our firefighters, providing annual medical evaluations that include physical, mental health and cancer assessments, as well as a clean cab concept for all apparatus.

Compensation begins at $16.25 an hour (gross $49,513.75 per year). Benefits for full-time personnel include 53 hour work week, annual step pay increases, overtime, higher class pay, holiday pay,  bereavement pay, education pay, certification pay, longevity pay, hazard pay, uniform stipend, gym stipend, paid vacation/sick leave, medical, dental & vision insurance, light duty policy, workers compensation insurance, life insurance and retirement (TESRS).  Total starting compensation package, including benefits, is approximately $65,000.

Minimum qualifications that must be met at time of application submission:  TCFP Basic Firefighter, Texas DSHS EMT-B, Texas Class C driver’s license, three year Texas DPS driving record and a Texas DPS criminal history.  The required physical, driving record and criminal history must have been completed within 90 days of application submission. Copies of any additional certifications and/or higher education should be submitted with your application.

Complete original application packets must be submitted by:  5pm Friday, December 3rd

The testing process will include: a written examination, physical agility testing and an oral interview, all completed the same day

Testing, examination and interviews will be conducted at the above address

Applications are available at the station or by request via email at blandi@jvfd.org