EMS ESD Project Update

January 26, 2023


Huge steps forward on this project! The City of Austin unanimously approved moving this project forward to the voters! A HUGE Thank You to City of Austin Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly for all her on-going help with getting this project to the ballot!

Also, in this month’s ESD meeting (Wed. 1/18), Williamson County Precinct #1 Commissioner, Terry Cook, also came out in support of placing this project on the ballot. Another HUGE Thank You to Commissioner Cook for all of her help and guidance with this project!



Community Holiday Parade 12/11 2:30p

November 29, 2022

We invite our community to join us in celebrating the holidays with our Winter Parade, featuring Santa!

This parade will include all public safety organizations (Fire, EMS, Sheriff’s, Constables, DPS, etc.), community groups (car clubs, civic groups, etc.), neighborhood associations, school groups and anyone else who wants to be part of the celebration. And this year, our parade leads right up to the RCNA’s Winter Holiday in Rattan Creek Park event. So you can stay there after the parade, shop for gifts from local crafts people and vendors, and take a free photo with Santa.

There are two ways for our community to participate – decorate your vehicle and drive with us in the parade, or line the route in your neighborhood and cheer us on! We love to see all those smiling faces as we drive by. And we’d love to see all of the winter holidays represented in the parade, so we encourage you to share whatever traditions your family celebrates.

And now that the midterm elections have passed, lets please leave politics at home.

The route: the parade will start at Forest North Elementary School parking lot, with the route moving south down Broadmeade to Anderson Mill, Anderson Mill to Amasia, Amasia to Tamayo, Tamayo to Elkhorn Mountain and end at the Rattan Creek Park for the Winter Festival. This route will include a good majority of the community and allow for a lot of prime spectator viewpoints! Rules for driving in the parade can be found below in the comments.

The parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 11th at 2:30p. Folks planning on participating in the parade are to assemble in the parking lot at Forest North Elementary School at 2:00pm. The parade will begin promptly at 2:30, rain or shine. It will conclude at Rattan Creek Park about 3pm. Hope to see you all there!

Happy Holidays!

Petition Block Walk

November 22, 2022

Starting this weekend, our association members will be walking the neighborhood, asking for signatures to create a new Emergency Services District to provide advanced emergency medical care to our community.  The petition would allow us to place this initiative on the upcoming ballot in May, where, hopefully it will pass with flying colors!  Per state statute, the petition requires a signer to be the homeowner and must be a registered voter so please don’t think we’re being rude if we can’t use your info!

This new district would provide funds for the annual training and certification, equipment and supplies required to provide these advanced medical interventions.  These interventions will include emergent diabetic, cardiac and respiratory care.  On these types of incidents, seconds count and these advanced interventions can mean the difference between life and death.   With the on-going opioid epidemic, these advanced interventions are being required at a significantly increasing rate.

This district will also assist in covering the massive increase in cost of medical supplies.  Since COVID, these non-reusable medical supplies and equipment have tripled in price and show no signs of reducing.  Also, due to the opioid crises, supplies that may have been used once a quarter are now being used almost weekly…

The plan is for the initial tax to be set at one cent, which, with an average home in this area selling for $450,000, would cost the homeowner $45 a year.  And, if additional medical services were discussed in the future, there would be possible funds available to provide them.

Our organization is hoping for your support to increase our abilities to provide the best emergency services to you and everyone in the community that we are honored to protect!


Smoke Detectors Save Lives!

September 12, 2022

Everyone has heard this slogan but the second part of this sentence is even more important:   “Smoke detectors must be installed and working properly to do their job!”

Every time we do inspections or make calls in personal residences, we find a large number of smoke detectors that have been removed or have had the batteries pulled from them.  When asked why, the excuses range from “it beeped for no reason” or “it went off when I was cooking.”  Yup, that would become annoying but, instead of just randomly disabling this life saving device, why not call the people who deal with them every day…the fire department!

If you live in a private residence ever have an issue with an existing smoke detector, need assistance replacing a battery or need help installing a pre-purchased smoke detector, contact JVFD for help.  If you rent a house or apartment, contact your landlord or property maintenance.

Give us a call at 512-258-1038 or email us at jvfd@jvfd.org and we will set up a day and time to come assist you with the situation.

Smoke detectors are an amazing, life saving device…let us help you make sure they will work when they are needed.