Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

November 6, 2020


For those who didn’t know, each year Santa comes to the station and rides around on our antique fire truck, driving through our fire district, saying “Hi” to all the kiddos, moms and dads.  And, this year, we’re adding some new technology to make it easier for families to know when Santa will be by!

This year, Santa will be visiting the Jollyville area on December 5th but, if the weather is not agreeable, Santa will try to visit again on December 12th.  Santa will start his journey from the fire station, working his way around the streets close to the station, moving outward.  Santa will be traveling on the north side of Anderson Mill from 10a-12p and the south side from 1p-3p.  If you google map the area, he will be traveling through neighborhoods in the following order:



Village Oaks

Anderson Mill Village South

Forest North Estates


Parmer Village

Millwood/Rattan Creek

The antique fire truck Santa is riding on does not turn around well so it will not be traveling down dead end streets or cul-de sacs.  If you want to wave to Santa, make your way to a through street.

Unfortunately, Santa has a limited amount of time with us so he will only be traveling down streets and roadways that are in our fire district.  If you live in the City of Austin areas, make your way to a street in one of the areas above to wave to Santa.

As for the new technology, we are using a tracking software called “Followmee” which will allow everyone to track Santa through the district.  To find real-time updates on Santa’s location, a link will be available on this page the day of his arrival and you can copy it into a browser. The link will be listed  below or copy it into a browser:

Future Followmee app link for JVFD Santa Runs


This software does not update real-time, which means you won’t see Santa move around on the map, so you will need to refresh your browser each time you want to update Santa’s location.  It’s also accurate to within about 60-80 feet so don’t rely too heavily on exact location accuracy!

Happy Holidays from Jollyville Fire Department!

Updated CPR Info

May 2, 2020


A group of funny folks put together a video about the current updates to CPR.  It also discusses the how’s, what’s and why’s about the process and makes you smile while you’re learning!

Click the link below to learn more:


COVID19 Issues

March 14, 2020


Following the Governor’s update, we will be allowing station visits as of May 1, with limitations to groups of 10 or less, while still observing social distancing.

As always, we are still fully staffed and ready to respond whenever you may need assistance.

Stay safe!


The Passing of a Legend…

September 11, 2019


It is with a heavy heart that the Jollyville Fire Department informs of the passing of Scott Johnson.  Scott had been an integral part of JVFD since 1989, serving the department with honor for 30 years.  Scott started as a volunteer and worked his way up to the rank of full-time, shift Captain, and held the office of Fire Inspector for the last years of his career.  Scott was a force to be reckoned with, with a hard, bristly exterior, and a heart of gold inside.  Scott will be missed terribly by all those who had the pleasure to have known and worked with him.