2022 Engineer Hiring Process

January 2, 2022

On Saturday, February 26th, at 10am, the Jollyville Fire Department will be testing for full-time Engineer positions to cover a 24/48 hour shift schedule.

Jollyville is currently a single station department, with six-person shift staffing, operating two apparatus that cover 11 square miles and 17,000 people.  We are a community oriented fire department, with deep roots in our neighborhoods and are very active in public education and public events.  We have a progressive training environment and strive to be the best prepared and educated firefighters possible.  JVFD believes in a culture of health and safety for our firefighters, providing annual medical evaluations that include physical, mental health and cancer assessments, as well as a modified clean cab concept for all apparatus.

Compensation begins at $18 an hour. Benefits for full-time personnel include 53 hour work week, annual step pay increases, overtime, higher class pay, holiday pay,  bereavement pay, education pay, certification pay, longevity pay, hazard pay, uniform stipend, gym stipend, paid vacation/sick leave, medical, dental & vision insurance, light duty policy, workers compensation insurance, legal assistance and department funded retirement (TESRS).  Total starting compensation package, including benefits, is approximately $71,100.

Minimum qualifications that must be met at time of application submission:  TCFP Basic Firefighter, TCFP Driver/Operator (Engine or Aerial), Texas DSHS EMT-B, Texas Class B driver’s license, three year Texas DPS driving record and a Texas DPS criminal history.  The required physical, driving record and criminal history must have been completed within 90 days of application submission. Copies of any additional certifications and/or higher education should be submitted with your application.

Complete original (hard copy) application packets must be submitted by:

5pm Friday, February 18th

No electronic applications will be accepted

The testing process will include: a written examination, skills testing and an oral interview, all completed the same day

Testing, skills and interviews will be conducted at the above address

Applications are available at the station or by request via email at blandi@jvfd.org

Neighborhood Holiday Parade?

December 12, 2020

We just completed our 2020 “Santa Runs” through the neighborhood and, after lots of discussion, we think it’s time to make some changes to our annual community celebration.

Even after our best attempts to inform folks on Santa’s schedule, through websites, neighborhood timelines and “Santa Tracking” software, it still appears that we are not able to make sure that everyone gets to say “Hi” to Santa as he flies through the district.  Many folks were even driving around trying to catch up to Santa because they missed him going by.

Instead of driving the entire neighborhood, we would like to change the event and create a Neighborhood Holiday Parade.  This would include all emergency service organizations (Fire, EMS, Sheriff’s, Constables, etc.), community groups (car clubs, motorcycle clubs, etc.), neighborhood associations, schools and anyone else who wants to participate (folks who just want to be in the parade!).  The proposed route would start at Forest North Elementary School parking lot, parade south down Broadmeade to Anderson Mill, Anderson Mill to Amasia, Amasia to Tamayo, Tamayo to Elkhorn Mountain and finish at Hunters Chase Park.  This way, everyone will know the route, not have to worry about timelines and groups could gather along the path, celebrate the holidays and wave to Santa!

After such amazing successes with the neighborhood and school graduation parades this year and the wonderful community involvement for these events, we think this is the best way to move forward with our “Santa Runs” tradition.  Even this year, we had a large group of bicyclists trailing behind Santa’s Sleigh for a while, creating a mini-parade.  It seems they wanted to start the new tradition early!

What we need to do is start planning this new process as soon as possible.  We would like to get this proposal out to all of the groups who may want to be involved and see what level of involvement we would be looking at.  Then, JVFD would coordinate the event and create a “Holiday Parade” email group so we can all keep up to date with new information.

Traditions are always fun and sad to alter but sometimes they need to change with the times.  We believe that the parade format for this event will best benefit the entire community, allow for planned routes, timelines and a lot more involvement with the entire neighborhood.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

November 6, 2020


For those who didn’t know, each year Santa comes to the station and then rides with us through our fire district, saying “Hi” to all the kiddos, moms and dads.  And, we’ve added some technology to make it easier for families to know when Santa will be by!

Santa will be visiting the Jollyville area TODAY, Saturday, December 12th.  Santa will start his journey from the fire station, working his way around the streets close to the station, moving outward.  Santa will be traveling on the north side of Anderson Mill from 10a-12p and the south side from 1p-3p.  If you google map the area, he will be traveling through neighborhoods in the following order:



Village Oaks

Anderson Mill Village South

Forest North Estates


Parmer Village

Millwood/Rattan Creek

The truck Santa is riding on does not turn around well so it will not be traveling down dead end streets or cul-de sacs.  If you want to wave to Santa, make your way to a through street.

Unfortunately, Santa has a limited amount of time with us so he will only be traveling down streets and roadways that are in our fire district.  If you live in the City of Austin areas, make your way to a street in one of the areas above to wave to Santa.

As for the new technology, we are using a tracking software called “Followmee” which will allow everyone to track Santa through the district.  To find real-time updates on Santa’s location, copy the link below into a web browser:



This software does not update real-time, which means you won’t see Santa move around on the map, so you will need to refresh your browser each time you want to update Santa’s location.  It’s also accurate to within about 60-80 feet so don’t rely too heavily on exact location accuracy!

Happy Holidays from Jollyville Fire Department!

Updated CPR Info

May 2, 2020


A group of funny folks put together a video about the current updates to CPR.  It also discusses the how’s, what’s and why’s about the process and makes you smile while you’re learning!

Click the link below to learn more: